Sunday, July 29, 2007

The GrandStream BudgetTone-200 (part 2)

The Firmware Update

I am pleased to say that this was painless and was quite simple to do. I was a little worried about it, but GrandStream seems to have done an excellent job of making it simple to perform.

Defining Simple
If you have the right setup, the update is painless
The requirements for this seem simple enough. You need:
  1. a working dhcp server
  2. a working tftp (or http) server
  3. the ability to configure both
The dhcp server is not strictly necessary as long as the phone is configured with an IP address, subnet, etc.

If you have a working setup already, the firmware update is easy. If you do not have a working setup, you need to start there.

  1. Download the latest firmware update
  2. Unzip the files to the root of the tftp server
  3. login to the phone's web interface (default admin password)
  4. update the Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning to be Upgrade Via tftp
  5. Set the Firmware Server Path to the tftp server ip address
  6. Set the Config Server Path to tftp server ip address
  7. Save settings via Update button
  8. Click Reboot
That's it! The phone will reboot two or three times and at the end (not really evident) you can login to the phone's web site and check the Software Version on the Status tab.


I have not tried the http update of the firmware but I suspect that replacing tftp with http in the instructions above should make it possible.

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What do you think of the phones themselves? Call quality?